I'm Finally Ready To Reveal How I'm Helping Coaches, Course Creators, Service Providers Scale Beyond $5k Months

The 14-Day M.A.C. Method For
Predictably Attracting Premium Clients

This Is The Exact Method My Clients Have Used To Achieve $50k Months, And Now I’ve Made It Available At An Unbelievable Price. But First…


Why Am I So Confident That This Is The “Missing Piece” That Will Take $5k/mo Businesses To The Next Level?

I know it’s all been said before… 


They said to create a course, record dozens of videos, and build a custom website… 


They said to launch a group coaching program because it’d be easy to sell spots at $297… 


They said to spend months creating lead magnets, tripwires, webinars, landing pages, sales pages, and complicated funnels… 


And now, here we are.


Thousands of dollars and countless hours lost trying to make it all work with no success.


Let down by the coaches and the courses.


And afraid to ever invest again.


But there has to be a better way… 

The Quickest Way For Coaches, Course Creators, And Service Providers To Reach Their Full Potential…

Now, if it were as easy as just knowing what to do, everyone would already be a millionaire.


But in the real world of online business, we can’t expect to build a funnel, run a few ads, and become a 7-figure business owner overnight.


Actually, in my experience, most people who start out by trying to build complicated funnels burn through their budget, lose their confidence, and give up on their dreams before they ever make a real impact in the world.


Just take a quick look at this…

Over 100,000 ClickFunnels users… 


Only 728 of them have made more than $1,000,000 with a funnel…


That’s less than 1%…


I wouldn’t bet my business on those odds.


(Especially when I have to worry about losing my home or not being able to feed my kids if things fall through…)

So What’s The Alternative?

I genuinely believe that every coach, course creator, and online service provider already has everything they need to build a legacy of excellence.


They’ve just been misled to think that their dreams are only attainable through marketing, ads, and funnels…


When instead, they should be focusing on one thing – and one thing only:


Predictably attracting premium clients.


Now, of course, that’s easier said than done.


But, in just a second, I’ll reveal why I’m completely confident that my M.A.C. Method can help nearly anybody predictably attract premium clients… 


And how it has already allowed a small, private group of Black female entrepreneurs to scale their business to the level they’ve been dreaming of.


Continue reading to see how my clients have used the M.A.C. Method to…

  • Grow to consistent $30k - $50k months selling their expertise online without working long days, feeling burnt out, or hiring expensive marketers to do the work for them… (This is exactly what one of my students, Anita, was able to do within 6 months of starting with the M.A.C. Method…)

  • Burn through emotional blocks like overwhelm, doubt, and insecurity to reach a place where they can confidently command premium prices (and people are happy to pay those rates)…

  • Build a business they can be proud of that pays all the bills, gives them free time to spend with their husband and kids, and allows them to contribute to their church and community…

And the M.A.C. Method has been proven to work time and time again…

"Through her guidance, I have spoken on various platforms and hosted series of events. In a short time, I have seen my words “No I can’t” gradually turned into “Yes I can” under her watch. Ehi is true to her words as well as delivers on her words."

Victoria Okuku

Calgary, Canada

“Ehi has helped me clarify my message, before working with her, I lived in my head! I was a chronic overthinker and barely took any action…since we started, I have not only made my investment back but created several of my own programs that actually align. No more over thinking.”

Tanisha Kone

 Sydney, Australia

“Ehi’s program was a worthy investment! I am so so happy I made the decision to commit, I have developed my speaking business and getting invites to speak, written a book and just 100x bolder and clearer than I ever have been, best decision ever, thank you Ehi!”

Abeni Osei

Toronto, Canada

Before I Go On, I Should Probably Introduce Myself…

Hi, I’m Ehi Ade-Mabo.


Today, most people know me from my appearances on OWN, BBC, Global News, and other major media outlets… 


Or maybe they’ve seen me on the TEDx stage… 


Or they heard about me from my nomination as one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada…

But long before any of the glitz and glam, I was Ehi Ade-Mabo, Yellow Pages Sales Representative and Minimum-Wage Earner.

Tell Me If This Story Sounds Familiar…

I was confused.


I felt insignificant.


I had done everything I was supposed to do.


I left my home in Nigeria to study Economics at the 4th best university in Canada.


I kept my head down, got the grades I needed, and shook the Dean’s hand on my way out into the real world.


Little did I realize, this is a world where successful women who look like me are few and far between.


Well, there’s always Oprah – and she’s actually pivotal to this story – but more on that in just a second…


Anyway, as soon as I left school I started looking for my big opportunity.


I knew that I was destined for something great and I was ready to uncover the divine purpose that God had laid out for me.


But days went by…


Then weeks…


And months…


And the best I was able to do for myself was a minimum-wage job selling ads for the Yellow Pages. I had no purpose, no clarity, and no vision. I felt stuck with no way out.


Tired, discouraged, and with time running out on my Visa…

I Turned To God And Prayed For An Answer

I knew I was destined to leave a legacy of Black excellence.


I wasn’t ready to give that up for a life of invisibility and mediocrity.


I wanted to set ambitious goals, reach for bigger opportunities, and be brave enough to take what I deserve.


But I was starting to doubt if I could ever do it…


I wasn’t following through on the goals I set for myself.


I felt like there were too many obstacles in my way.


I knew I had the ability to make more money, but I was too tired and overwhelmed to see the path clearly.

And so, from my one-bedroom apartment in Toronto, Canada…


With tears in my eyes and no obvious solution in sight…


I turned to God and prayed for an answer.

And The Answer I Needed Came In The Form Of Daytime TV…

Now, when anyone is home in the middle of the day and there’s nothing to watch, let’s agree that Oprah is the go-to.


So on that fateful day when she had Dr. Phil on her show and they were discussing journaling and all the power this simple strategy held to create life-changing opportunity, I bought into the idea.


And not long after I began, I realized that the more I journaled, the better I felt about my situation.

My negative emotions evaporated. My mental clarity returned. My motivation reignited.


But more than that, I was experiencing tangible changes, too.


Faster than I ever would have thought possible, I started making 6-figures. I met and later married the man of my dreams. And I was able to get all of my paperwork sorted out to stay in Canada as long as I wanted to.


And everything I learned in those days has grown with time, effort, and investment to become the foundation for what I now call the M.A.C. Method.

After Seeing My Life Make A Complete U-Turn, I Knew I Couldn’t Keep This To Myself…

Now, this method may sound simple (and it is!) but it goes beyond just journaling.


Over the last 7 years I’ve been working to develop it, the M.A.C. Method has become a comprehensive framework for achieving any goal I set for myself in business and in life.


It’s the very same framework I teach to my students – who pay me as much as $10,000 for my time – to help them attract premium clients and create consistent 5-figure months.


(And remember, we’re doing it without confusing marketing strategies, wasting tons of money on ads, or building out complicated funnels.)

Now, Here’s An Invitation To Learn The Foundational Principles Of The M.A.C. Method By Taking Part In The Premium Client Magnet Challenge

My goal for the business owners who take this challenge is simple:


Instead of leaving them on their own to figure this stuff out over the course of 7 years like I had to…


In just 14 days, I want to give them the tools, strategies, and resources they need to predictably attract premium clients to their businesses.


  • I’m going to light a fire under them and challenge them to believe bigger, to live better, and to be a powerful force for good in the world.

  • I’m going to show them exactly how to start making million-dollar decisions that bring them prosperity, peace, joy, and wealth in all forms.

  • I’m going to reveal my best techniques for minimizing mistakes and maximizing success so they can build a business they’re proud of.

And Here’s The Honest Truth…

Even though my clients have paid me as much as $10,000 for everything included in this challenge, I’m not going to charge anywhere near that.


Because I truly believe that the women that God guided to this page are here for a reason.


They’re here because they’re ready to climb the ladder of success.


And I know that with every rung they conquer, they’re not only lifting themselves – but their family and community to new levels.


That’s why I’m not trying to sell a book or a course or a coaching package about how to build a business or how to market that business or how to build a team…


Because the type of person I’m trying to attract already knows what they need to do.


Knowing isn’t the problem.


What’s stopping them are the psychological forces at play… 


The overwhelm. The confusion. The frustration.


All symptoms of how they’ve been conditioned to think by a society that makes them second guess themselves… 


A society that spends millions of dollars in advertising to make women feel like they’re not good enough.


But I’m here to help cast these emotions aside.


I’m here to give women the motivation and the confidence to act on and reap the benefits of what they’ve fought for.


I’m here to show them how they can use the M.A.C. Method to predictably attract premium clients and finally unlock the business and the lifestyle they deserve.

Here’s What’s Included With The Premium Client Magnet Challenge

Now, I know being a business owner is tiring. I know about working long days. And I know it’s impossible to spend hours sitting down in front of a screen to watch videos or do a million exercises like some programs ask…

That’s why I gave myself 3 guiding rules when I sat down to create the content for this challenge:


The content had to be quick and easy to understand. No fluff. Not a million stories. Just the information that’s going to be most beneficial right now.


Everything I teach can be implemented immediately. It’s 100% action-oriented wisdom for the woman of today who has places to go and goals to achieve.


All of the videos, exercises, and bonuses have to be relatable. This challenge is specifically designed for coaches, course creators, and service providers hovering around $5k months who want to grow into 6-figure businesses and beyond. Day 1 starts with the foundations, and Day 14 provides the platform to launch into the next level.

With that being said, let me give a breakdown of what can be found in each of the sections of the M.A.C. Method…

The M.A.C. Method Part 1 – Mindset

More important than any marketing, ads, and funnels – mindset is the true needle-mover.


In my own life, and for all of my clients, the right mindset has been the key to rising above the mediocre and the mundane.


It’s been the driving force that has allowed us to create a life of deep faith. A life of excitement, abundance, and adventure.


Now, Challengers will get the most practical, doable, and realistic tools for creating a winning mindset. Including:

  • Instant Confidence! No more fear of embarrassment, falling short of perfection, or not being enough. The simple mindset shift I walk through on Day 4 will be worth the price of this entire challenge by itself – that's how powerful it's been for me and my clients!

  • “I'm not expert enough to charge premium prices.” WRONG! Over the course of 14 days, I'll take Challengers by the hand and show them why clients will be more than happy to pay high-ticket prices for the expertise they already have!

  • More practical than The Secret? Learn the real way that I’ve coached my students from $5k to consistent $50k months without complex funnels, ad strategies, or a huge audience.

  • We DO NOT need to minimize our goals – we just need a better way to realize them. We'll look at the steps needed to make that happen starting in week 1…

  • “How do I compete when my industry or niche is saturated?” Well, it's not easy, but there is one trick I've found that’s been a game-changer – and I reveal it on Day 4!

  • No more taking on clients just to pay the bills. On Day 12, see why firing some clients is the best solution to growing a business!

  • Is it really possible to overcome every limiting belief in less than 60 minutes? Probably not... unless what I reveal in Days 4, 7, 11, and 13 are combined…

The M.A.C. Method Part 2 – Anchors

Of course, as much as I wish I could say that mindset is everything… 



… there will still be days when unexpected obstacles present themselves and Challengers struggle to keep their spirits high and feel like giving up. 


That’s why this next piece is so important.


With the right anchors in place, I can virtually guarantee that Challengers will have the capacity to burn through emotional blocks like overwhelm, doubt, and insecurity as soon as they crop up. These are the strategies I teach clients so they can stop stalling and move forward with their ideas. Strategies like:


  • Challengers who already have a regular journaling practice are 95% of the way there. Here’s the missing 5%. Discover the strategy I use to manifest everything I write about, fast! (Access to this training on Day 13)

  • Better than “finding my why.” On Day 4, find the 5 questions I tell clients to come back to any time they feel discouraged for an instant dose of motivation.

  • Building a business to be proud of – one that provides the wealth to support family, church, and community. This is the most important thing I could teach… and it’s revealed at the end of week 1!

  • The quickest way I've found to attract premium clients virtually on-demand. This is one of the most important parts of the challenge, so don't miss it on Day 14.

  • What would it mean for our daughters to see that an inspired woman really can’t be stopped? That reality will be just around the corner after learning how to create Legacy Wealth on Day 5.

  • Big tech changes, politics, or international crises can’t be controlled... but we can control whether or not our businesses are affected by these external events.

  • Why faith is the most powerful tool for burning through emotional blocks like overwhelm, doubt, and insecurity – but only when used right! (Days 5 & 14)

The M.A.C. Method Part 3 – Communication

Once Challengers have implemented the right mindset and created the right anchors, there’s only one piece left to the puzzle of success:




Until they understand how to properly communicate their value, it’ll be tough to create tangible results.

They need to be able to position themselves as experts, connect with their target audience, and attract premium clients now!


That’s why, in the final part of the M.A.C. Method, I’m giving all the resources needed to create a predictable stream of high-ticket clients who will be happy to pay premium prices. Resources that cover topics like:

  • Selling coaching or courses and wondering how to stand out in a niche saturated with similar offers? The answer is simple. Find it on Day 1.

  • Ever signed a client who was more trouble than they were worth? Then listen up! What I reveal in the first training will show the single most powerful communication technique I've found to attract premium clients I love working with. Hint: It works even though I hate sales.

  • Master Marketers have been using this for decades to virtually guarantee that they sell more of their offer – and I've finally cracked the code on how coaches, course creators, and service providers can use it too. (Beginning of week 1)

  • A lesson in sales from a Kindergarten teacher? Yes, really. See day 2.

  • Using high-pressure marketing tactics like urgency and scarcity? I open up about whether or not these tactics should be used – and the long-term effects they can have on a business…

  • Transform networking on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Clubhouse into REAL business opportunities with the 3 scripts from Day 2!

  • Why aren’t prospects buying? Why are those excuses valid? How can they be empowered so they buy anyway? These are just 3 of the 6 questions all business owners must answer before they try to close premium clients. The others revealed on Day 3.

  • Introvert? Don’t worry, by following the steps I lay out over these 14 days, even my shyest clients have found the confidence to sell themselves at the highest levels.

  • What are the most important elements of our story when it comes to attracting premium clients we love to work with? In my opinion, it's our background, our greatest struggles, and our biggest successes. Leverage them properly by referring to the training on Day 9!

But That’s Not All...

I want Challengers to have everything they need to make the M.A.C. Method work for them. That’s why I’m also including…

  • How a $15 investment played a vital role on my journey to creating a 6-figure per year business. Hint: I'll reveal exactly what’s needed in the pre-training video available instantly upon signing up!

  • Don't spend months creating lead magnets, tripwires, webinars, landing pages, sales pages, and complicated funnels. Just follow the steps on Day 8 instead!

  • There have been times in my life when I felt completely lost. I prayed and prayed again but there was always a missing piece... until I discovered this. (Day 5)

  • Women who think that they don't deserve to charge premium rates for their offer are usually suffering from “I'm Not There Yet Syndrome.” Find the cure on Day 11.

  • We all deserve to make million-dollar decisions. Decisions that bring us prosperity and peace; joy and wealth in all forms. And Day 5 is going to give the strategies to do exactly that.

  • Look around. In every niche, there are dozens of coaches, course creators, and service providers charging premium prices – and their clients are happy to pay for it! Here's how they do it... (Day 6)

  • Ever feel overwhelmed when sitting down to create content? It's probably because of this missing step. I lay it out on Day 1.

  • Ethically leverage one psychological trigger built into every Premium Client. Within 24 hours of applying this, I can almost guarantee that more prospects will be saying “Yes!”

  • The key to unlimited referrals without annoying prospects and existing clients. This one tip alone could provide the most ROI out of everything in this challenge! (See: Day 1)

  • A crash course in psychology. On Day 3, I'll show Challengers how to understand the real reasons why their prospects will and will not buy from them. Hint: It has nothing to do with their sales script…

  • The #1 reason why people won't pay premium rates is because of a bad offer. Don't miss Day 6 when I reveal exactly what to do to turn an existing offer into one that commands premium prices.

  • Why some online business owners are burning themselves out from hours a day spent prospecting – and the single easiest way I've found to avoid it.

  • Journaling? Vision boards? Mantras & meditation? Which of these do Challengers actually need to focus on and which are a waste of time? Find out in the pre-training video.

I’m really giving away everything I know – which is why this training alone is valued at $497.


(However, that’s not even close to the price I’m charging. I’ll reveal the real investment in just a second…)


But even with everything that’s already included, that hasn’t stopped me from throwing in some extras…

Challengers Are Also Getting These Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Premium Client Magnet Roadmap ($97 Value)

The entire M.A.C. Method laid out in a printable, easy-to-reference roadmap.


This clear and effective framework gives every step to follow so Challengers can get started and get real results, in the quickest time possible.

Bonus #2 – Premium Client Magnet Workbook ($97 Value)

Eliminate the Guesswork!


Find every exercise, worksheet, and script to make the most out of this experience!

Bonus #3 – 107 Journaling Prompts ($97 Value)

Journaling was the first step of my own journey, and I’ve been using it to this day to achieve every goal I set my sights on.


For the first time ever as a part of this bundle, I’m offering my most powerful prompts for overcoming limiting beliefs, generating profitable ideas, and manifesting my biggest desires!

Bonus #4 – Deep Work On Challenge, Trauma, Heartbreak – Lifetime Access ($97 Value)

We’ve all been through a bad season in our lives – and I’m definitely not immune either.

Unexpected challenges like trauma, heartbreak, and problems within the family can take even the most powerful women to places where they feel like they may never recover.

That’s why I felt compelled to include this bonus for anyone who’s running into those obstacles now, and as a resource for anyone who experiences them in the future.

Bonus #5 – Behind The Scenes With Real Clients (Priceless)

Ever wonder what the journey from $5k per month struggle to 5-figure per month success really looks like for Black women?


I’m sitting down with one of my most successful clients and pulling back the curtain on where she was when she got started, the challenges she faced along the way (and how she overcame them), and what can be expected once Challengers tap into their full potential.

Bonus #6 – “Next Steps” Implementation Call With Ehi ($625 Value)

When Challengers make it through all 14 days and begin to implement the M.A.C. Method, they always have questions.


So rather than leaving them to figure everything out themselves, I’ve decided to include a 1-on-1 implementation call with me personally. On the call, Challengers can ask me anything and I’ll be 100% accessible, honest, and transparent. 


I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this bonus up, because I still have to work with clients and run my business, but if this section is still here, it means Bonus #6 is still available.


Challengers who really want access to me, personally, shouldn’t wait.

Legal Disclaimer: Ehi Ade-Mabo and Mindset Surgery Inc. reserve the right to remove this bonus at any time, without warning.

Here’s What Coaches, Course Creators, And Service Providers Are Saying About The M.A.C. Method & The Premium Client Magnet Challenge

Plus, This Investment In The Premium Client Magnet Challenge Is Backed By A 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Look, I know this offer sounds way too good to be true.


But I’ve just seen these tools, strategies, and resources change the lives of too many of my clients to have any doubt that it’s going to work for women who take this challenge as well.


And because I don’t want this fear holding anyone back from taking action, here’s my promise:


Anyone who joins the challenge, implements everything they learn, and hops on the call with me at the end, then for any reason feels like they aren’t 110% satisfied, will get all of their money back.


All they need to do is reach out to me at assistant@iamehimabo.com with the subject line “Not For Me” and I’ll rush to refund the purchase.


No Questions. No Hassles.


The risk is 100% on my shoulders – and I’m willing to take that risk because I genuinely believe that Challengers will see the potential that the Premium Client Magnet Challenge has to give them the life and the business they deserve.


So for anyone excited about the possibility of learning to predictably attract premium clients over the course of just 14 days…


Go ahead and register for the challenge today.


But hurry, because…

The Challenge Starts Monday

The timers on this page are counting down to Monday.


That’s when the next round of the challenge starts.


And I guarantee that Challengers who register before Monday are going to get access to everything they see above for a tiny investment of $97.


But unfortunately, there are a few things I cannot promise…


I can’t promise that the price won’t go up… 

This challenge is brand new. My marketing team fought hard to convince me that I should be pricing it higher. But I told them I wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

We couldn’t find common ground, so I cut a deal with them…

We’re going to keep the price at $97 for at least the first 100 people who sign up. After we hit 100 Challengers, we may boost the price to $147, $197, or even $247.

As of now, I’m not sure what we’re going to do. But I don’t want future Challengers to miss out on the price they’re seeing here today.


I can’t promise that everyone is going to get access to the “Next Steps” Implementation Call Bonus…

Obviously, I still have a life outside of this challenge. I have clients who depend on me. I have a husband and a son who I love to spend time with. And I definitely don’t want to ever go back to working 12 hour days…

So Bonus #6 – “Next Steps” Implementation Call is only going to be available as long as I can realistically afford to spend time on the phone with Challengers 1-on-1. When it becomes too much, I’ll swap it out for a different bonus or remove Bonus #6 completely.

(Still seeing Bonus #6 on this page? That means it’s still available for a limited time.)

Legal Disclaimer: Ehi Ade-Mabo and Mindset Surgery Inc. reserve the right to remove this bonus at any time, without warning.


I can’t promise that the Premium Client Magnet Challenge is even going to exist a few weeks from now…

Like I mentioned above, this is the first time I’m doing something like this.

I absolutely do want to help, because I believe that anybody reading this was guided here by God for a reason. However…

I don’t know how this challenge is going to affect my business.

Am I going to enjoy running it?

Is it going to take up too much of my time?

Is it even going to be profitable?

I have no idea. So I’d rather be transparent with and say what’s on my mind than pull the rug out without any warning…

So for anyone interested in getting the Premium Client Magnet Challenge and locking in a spot for $97…


And getting guaranteed access to the “Next Steps” Implementation Call Bonus…


Click the button below to secure a spot.

Still Here? Time To Make A Choice.
(And There Are Only 2 Options)


A tiny percentage of people will close this page and forget about everything they read here today.

They’ll ignore the little voice saying that this could finally be what they need to get to the next level and predictably attract premium clients.

They’ll go to bed tonight without thinking about how this 14-day challenge has been the key to helping dozens of women unlock their full potential.

If that’s what they want, that’s perfectly fine.

I’m here to empower strong, Black, female entrepreneurs – but I know that I’m not the perfect fit for everyone.

I just ask that anyone who’s thinking about clicking away considers this…

What’s going to happen to all of the people they could have helped?

The prospects who are looking for a solution right now – the solution that they provide – but those prospects are just waiting for the right person to show up.

Should these prospects turn to someone else to serve them?

Someone with less knowledge, less expertise, or who doesn’t care as much about their transformation?

Or maybe the unlucky prospects won’t find anyone they resonate with, and they’ll stay with their problems until they inevitably give up hope of ever finding a solution.

Those are both very real possibilities.

But I don’t believe God put the people reading this on Earth to sit idly by.



Those who are ready to take the leap will make a small but powerful commitment to themselves and their future clients – and choose to give the Premium Client Magnet Challenge a shot.

Anyone who has read this far knows that I’m providing the tools, strategies, and resources my clients have used to scale from $5k months as high as $50k months consistently.

And by signing up today, Challengers get access to everything I know so they can make that transformation themselves.

Just imagine…

  • Having the power to predictably attract premium clients without having to worry about marketing, ads, or funnels ever again. Say goodbye to confusion, and hello to a life of significance!

  • Casting aside the long days and burnout because there’s no longer a need to live in “grind mode.” Fewer hours at the desk. More money coming in

  • Burning through emotional blocks like overwhelm, doubt, and insecurity to confidently command premium prices (that clients are happy to pay)…

  • Creating a crystal clear offer and knowing how to present it in a way that makes prospects immediately understand its value. Level up and unleash that new identity!

  • Building a business that becomes a source of pride. One that pays all the bills, gives free time to spend with the husband and kids, and allows massive contributions to the church and community…

Sounds great, right?


And remember, this investment is protected by the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. There’s no risk here at all.

It’s as easy as saying “yes” to predictably attracting premium clients by clicking the button below and joining the challenge today.

Can’t wait to talk during our call!

- Ehi Ade-Mabo

        Got Any Final Questions?

        My Time Is Already Spread So Thin. I Don’t Have A Ton Of Time To Spend On A Course…

        Then I have great news!


        Watching through the daily videos and completing the daily exercises in the workbook should only take about 60 minutes a day.


        Any business owner who can invest just one hour a day for 2 weeks will find herself moving up into her full potential and creating the business and life that she’s been imagining since she first started reading this page!

        I Don’t Have An Audience Or List, A Brand, Or A Fancy Website – Will This Work For Me?

        An audience, a brand, or a fancy website are NOT NEEDED to predictably land premium clients – but I need to leave that statement with a disclaimer:


        I’m assuming that the people who register for this challenge are hovering around the $5,000/mo mark in their online business – and that they are not complete newbies.


        Here’s why that distinction is important…


        The woman who has made it to $5,000/mo has already proven that she can provide a valuable service to the market. She has some kind of system in place to get clients right now and she’s reasonably confident in her ability to deliver results.


        Knowing that, I’m certain that the shift she’ll experience with the Premium Client Magnet Challenge will give her everything she needs to level up.

        For anyone who still hasn't gotten their first clients or is just starting out, there are other things to prioritize before this…

        I’ve Already Invested So Much Money In Courses And Coaches… How Can I Be Sure I’m Not Going To Waste My Money?

        I get it.


        Far too often, clients have come to me with horror stories about being taken advantage of by coaches and course creators who promise the world and fail to deliver. Then, when asked for a refund, they argue about it like children.


        Don’t have to worry about that here.


        Not only have I put every ounce of knowledge I have into the content of this challenge…


        I’m also freeing up Challengers from any risk by offering a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

        All Challengers have 30 days to go through the challenge and implement what they’ve learned, and if for any reason they decide that it’s not for them, they can email me at assistant@iamehimabo.com and I’ll rush to refund the whole cost of the challenge – no questions asked.

        My Industry/Niche Is Saturated. How Am I Supposed To Compete?

        Great question.


        Truth is, most coaches, course creators, and service providers are on a path that makes it impossible to compete.




        That’s only because they haven’t found a way to set themselves apart.


        In the Premium Client Magnet Challenge, Days 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 11, and 12 are dedicated to helping Challengers stand out from their competitors.


        Anyone who can get this stuff down can become a leading force in their niche. They’ll be recognized as an expert by prospects and competitors alike. And best of all, they’ll be able to charge premium prices and clients will pay those rates without batting an eye.

        I Don’t Know If I’m Expert Enough To Charge Premium Prices…

        This is something I hear all the time from clients and prospects, and I’d like to offer a different perspective.


        Most of my clients are not “experts” in the world of online business, but they almost always have years of expertise in the subject they’re coaching or the service they’re providing.


        Usually, these clients are in their 30s or 40s, which means they’ve got at least a decade of credentials under their belt.


        So whether they’re a…

        • Coach

        • Consultant

        • Course Creator

        • Entrepreneur

        • Marketer

        • Designer

        • Attorney

        • Public Speaker

        • Financial Advisor

        Or anything in between…


        If they’ve put in the hours to become a professional at what they do… 


        They deserve premium rates.


        And this challenge provides the roadmap to get there.


        I Struggle With Marketing, Ads, And Sales Funnels. How Is This Different?

        The M.A.C. Method is NOT a marketing system.


        In the 14 days of the challenge, I don’t teach anything about ads or funnels or copywriting.


        (Honestly, that’s not my job – I hire people to take care of those things for me…)


        Instead, my focus is going to be on creating the right Mindset, Anchors, and Communication to complement what Challengers are already doing and make it even more effective.


        So as long as the people signing up for this challenge are okay leaving all that complicated stuff aside…


        We can move forward and build the business they deserve.

        Should I Expect To Get My Next Premium Client Before The End Of The Challenge?

        I’m about to give the best answer of all time.




        It depends!


        There are a lot of factors involved in getting a premium client, so I would feel dishonest if I were to make any concrete promises.


        I can, however, promise that Challengers will have built the foundation they need to predictably attract premium clients by the end of the challenge.


        This is the same foundation that I teach my 1-on-1 clients.


        It has allowed some of them to scale to consistent $30k - $50k months.


        So I have ample evidence that the M.A.C. Method definitely works, and some Challengers might be able to land their next premium client within the first 14 days of the challenge, or within the first month after they start.

        But if for any reason a Challenger is not 110% satisfied, they can always email me at assistant@iamehimabo.com and I’ll rush to give them a full refund, no questions asked.

        $97 Seems Really Cheap… What’s The Catch?

        I know that people are used to paying hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for courses and coaches that make promises like what I’m making today.


        And because that’s the norm, I often find that people who want to take this challenge are skeptical.


        Why would I offer so much value for just $97?




        I believe God guides people here for a reason.

        They’re here because they’re ready to climb the ladder of success.

        And I know that with every rung they conquer, they’re not only lifting themselves – but their family and their community to new levels. Not to mention the profound impact they’re going to have on the lives of their clients and their families as well.

        That’s why I’m not trying to sell a book or a course or a coaching package about how to build a business or how to market that business or how to build a team…

        Because the type of person who finds this challenge already knows what they need to do.

        Knowing isn’t the problem.

        They just need the motivation, the confidence, and the support to achieve their full potential. And I believe God put me here to make that happen.


        I genuinely believe that anyone reading this page was put on this Earth to make a significant impact on the lives of others – and build a legacy of Black excellence in the process.


        That’s why I’m making an offer like this.

        I’m here to help Challengers level up and build the business they deserve.

        Remind Me What I’m Getting Access To When I Register Today?

        Of course!

        Once registered for the Premium Client Magnet Challenge, Challengers get access to the M.A.C. Method and everything my clients have used to scale from 5-figure years to 5-figure months.

        That means Challengers are getting the tools, strategies, and resources they need to make it happen…

        • Without a massive audience or email list…

        • Without a huge brand or a fancy website…

        • And without creating complicated funnels or wasting money on ads.

        And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also included $1,013+ worth of bonuses:


        1. The Premium Client Magnet Roadmap. This clear and effective framework gives Challengers every step to follow so they can get started and get real results, in the quickest time possible.
        2. Premium Client Magnet Workbook. Find every exercise, worksheet, and script needed to implement what I teach in the challenge.
        3. 107 Journaling Prompts. My most powerful prompts for overcoming limiting beliefs, generating profitable ideas, and manifesting my biggest desires.
        4. Deep Work On Challenge, Trauma, Heartbreak. Unexpected challenges like trauma, heartbreak, and problems within our families can take us to places where we feel like we may never recover. Included for every Challenger is lifetime access so they can come back to this training whenever they need to.
        5. Behind The Scenes With Real Clients. I’m sitting down with one of my most successful clients and pulling back the curtain on where she was when she got started, the challenges she faced along the way (and how she overcame them), and what Challengers can expect once they tap into their full potential.
        6. Next Step Implementation Call With Me, Personally. Rather than leaving Challengers to figure everything out themselves, I’ve decided to include a 1-on-1 implementation call with me personally. On the call, I’ll be 100% accessible, honest, and transparent.

        All of that with a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee – meaning there is absolutely no risk.


          Anyone who made it to this page and took the time to read what I have to say… 


          I truly believe that God played a part in guiding them here.


          He meant for them to do more than they’re doing now.

          But He can’t do this part for them.


          It’s up to the individual to take the leap by clicking the button below to register now.

          Still Not Convinced?

              DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are those of my personal clients. Please understand these results are not typical, I’m not implying anyone will duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Results will vary and depend on many factors… including but not limited to background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. Anyone not willing to accept that SHOULD NOT INVEST IN THIS CHALLENGE.

              © Copyrights by Ehi Ade Mabo. All Rights Reserved.